Dear Friend,

Are you one of the thousands of South Africans who are inundated every day with a frightening number of invitations for scams and get-rich-quick schemes? If you are, you may – at first glance – be a bit sceptical about what I’m going to show you today.


I’m about to offer you information known
only amongst a private circle of extremely influential people



And I’ll show you exactly how you can build your personal wealth the old-fashioned way, using the same approach as Joe Kennedy, Norman Rockefeller and Harry Oppenheimer.

By the end of this report, I’m certain you’ll agree with me – It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And you’ll also see that what I’m promising you is not a hoax, scam or swindle.

If you were a top broker or big company director, then you’d probably recognise some of what I’m about to reveal. And it’s likely you’d have met some of the influential people I’m about to introduce to you.

But, unless you’ve inherited a family fortune or spent many years in powerful financial circles, you’re one of the 99.9% of the people in this country who haven’t been given the opportunity to make money through privilege.

There. I said the dirty word: privilege.

For some peculiar reason, the idea of advantage –
of getting superior information before others – has become unfashionable!


And yet it’s a vital factor in explaining how the top earners in the country make and maintain their incredible wealth.

So, while the majority pretend that it’s better to settle for what the brokers, ‘independent’ advisers and big banks SAY we SHOULD do, those who have privileged access to influential networks are getting richer and richer.

Meanwhile, chances are…


 Today is your chance to turn the status quo on its head!



My name is Joshua Benton and I am the Editorial Director of a private and exclusive network of investors.

We include investment experts and writers like myself. 

I've been in the financial industry for almost a decade. In this time, I've worked for leading financial newsletters including Unconventional Millionaire, MoneyMorning and most recently, Real Wealth.

Through my work, I've built exclusive relationships with massively influential figures such as well-known economist, Chris Hart, and international financial publisher, and best-selling author, William Bonner. These high-level connections allow me to give my readers 'insider' investment insights unavailable anywhere else. 

And most importantly we include people like you. Serious investors who prefer solid,old fashioned wealth building to the fast-buck, crowd mania trends of recent years.

Today, on behalf of our Board of Governors,

I’d like to invite you to join The South African Investor

Our aim is, quite simply, to protect and expand your personal wealth through the traditional methods of making money…

However, I have to tell you upfront: at our last Executive Committee meeting, our members proposed 1,000 nominees for membership. The reality is, though, we can only accept 275 new members this year. We have to limit numbers, and you’ll soon see why…

Why hold back... Reap the benefits now!

By focusing our efforts on creating a legacy of PRIVATE WEALTH for our alliance, we have established a long history of uncovering extremely safe investments with far higher yields than you are probably getting now.

Imagine a 'device' so powerful and so flexible that it could shelter and nurture your investments and assets you own…

A 'device' that will enable you to:

  • Access superior investment opportunities that are normally off limits
  • Turn your portfolio into a perpetual income machine
  • Invest in strong currencies, booming foreign markets, low risk investment funds and super offshore hedge funds
Hands down, it's the ultimate financial 'device' ever created…The South African Investor Wealth Pyramid - How to turn R100,000 into Over R700,000 in just 10 years is one of three FREE special gifts we'll rush to you should you join our unique alliance.

Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on this special report, as well as 2 others and multiple other benefits of South African Investor membership.

This is a special invitation to access a higher level of financial intelligence, 
normally enjoyed only by elite ‘old-boy’ networks

Simply by reading this letter you are gaining a clear personal advantage over any of your peers. You’ll know exactly how you can contact experts to access financial information you’ll find nowhere else.



I’m talking about a serious network of brokers, lawyers, traders, bankers, publishers, economists, businessmen…

...A network that is showing its members how using a proven investment system can increase their wealth.

....A network that is now doggedly protecting members’ offshore money by way of in-depth, investment ideas and reports they will not get anywhere else.

…A network that has generated the South African Investor portfolio a 33.87% average annual return over the past 18 years.

They're the few who can find you the opportunity for profit in every titbit of new information… Every tip-off... Every whisper



Stock market bubbles and crashes, the little-known offshore banking options, the property boom, the legal tax loopholes… Who do you think is benefiting from these opportunities?

Business leaders. Traders. Brokers. Bankers. Accountants. Lawyers.

Certainly not the private investor – Under-served, manipulated and even downright exploited by the financial institutions you’re supposed to have faith in.

  • Within The South African Investor network we have secured our capital in investments like telecoms and property and have seen gains of 64.42%, and 98.52% over the last 12 months.

    But most private investors saw their paper money turn to ashes as the rand's value dived and the cost of living soared.

  • Our international investment experts, with contacts in the US and UK have information about low-risk and diversified offshore investments. Normally the preserve of the super-rich, you can now enjoy these benefits without having millions in the bank. Yet most private investors are discouraged from – or don’t even know about – the opportunities for banking in countries other than SA.

  • In November 2016, our network of investors told readers to buy Bitcoin. If you had bought at that time, you would be up over 700%. (You’ll learn more valuable strategies for building your portfolio – and much more – when we send you your free members library.

Remember, your average private investor doesn’t even get to know the proper tax breaks, because his accountant doesn’t know his full entitlement.

And these are just a few examples. The tip of the iceberg. As usual it looks like the ‘man in the street’ is not in a pretty position.


But you could be one step ahead of the average investor
every time you make a decision

Look around you. Taxes are rising, independent, unbiased financial advice is disappearing, and mis-sold pensions and equities are taking their toll on people’s savings. In any given year, less than 20% of the more than 800 unit trusts in South Africa beat the market for their investors. So much for the abilities of ‘experts’.

Now more than ever, due to the current economic landscape, it’s only those with access to specialised knowledge and expertise who will really prosper in 2019 and in years to come. These few are the ones now reaping the benefits of incredibly undervalued stocks, legal tax loopholes and overseas investment opportunities, among others.


One of the most effective ways to prosper is to diversify your assets correctly for the economic climate. Institutional research conducted by Brinson and Associates and others has consistently shown that 92% of an investor’s investment performance is due to asset allocation.

That’s why our investment experts are not only bringing our members quality stock picks that are currently at bargain basement prices. They’ve also unearthed some top-performing fixed interest investments, opportunities to invest in commercial property and specific ways to hedge your wealth in gold and platinum.

What’s more, the power lies in the network. People you can phone, meet and receive tips and research from on a regular basis. That’s how the truly wealthy make money. It’s the old-fashioned way of investing and protecting your wealth now and for years to come. And, for those who are lucky enough to be connected, it works.


This is why I’d like to connect you with the most well-informed movers and shakers in SA


In this letter I’ll show you how this well connected minority make their money through investments and other methods. What they invest in and what they avoid. How they protect themselves from increasing tax burdens, market crashes and fraud.

And how you can join them!

This letter is your invitation to learn the investment secrets of myself and my international circle of influential friends, including…

  •  One of the top 3 brokers according to FinMail/Intellidex -who specialises in bespoke portfolio construction, stockbroking and trading. He is an avid market commentator who features regularly on CNBC, SABC3, BDTV and E-TV and currently co-hosts the morning show Open Exchange on CNBC Africa.

  • A 20+ year Wall Street Veteran, who knows how the international markets work from the inside... And what stocks work best for the long term.

  • A world renowned energy and oil expert, who has made frequent appearances in mainstream media such as The Washington Post, MSN Money,, Fox Business News, CNBC’s Squawk Box, and others. He also had a feature article written in the Financial Times, and has appeared on both CNN and Marketplace radio broadcasts.

  • A South African small-cap specialist, who grew his own stock portfolio threefold while he was still a student, before turning his attention to resource analysis for a top African research firm. In his spare time, he's managed to grow his own real estate empire and whisky distillery. Today, he's the editor of South Africa’s largest small-cap stock newsletter, Red Hot Penny Shares.

If it hadn’t been for contacts like this, I’d never have broken through the barriers of snobbery and elitism that used to prevent people like you and me from enjoying the benefits of extreme privilege.

And it is possible.

How to connect with a discreet and powerful network 

Now, as you probably know, the markets are made up of various old-school networks, close-knit groups of old school or university friends. But after joining the Agora group of companies, it became obvious that the wealthiest of the brokers, bankers and businessmen that I came across were always in touch with a ‘contact’ or friend who got them information.

Anything from up-and-coming company takeovers or overlooked stock options to an exclusive property deal. They always knew a loophole for paying less tax, or a little business deal about to take off. And they were always heading off to bars or clubs or private rooms to ‘discuss business.’

Then it hit me.
They were using their connections and influence
to get their hands on legal breakthrough information!

Each time there was an investment opportunity in the pipeline, they had the advantage of knowing about it earlier, of having someone ‘in the know’ advise them directly about what they should do to maximise their profits.
If I was to begin following the real money, I was going to have to join these people. All they were doing was making the best for themselves from their bountiful resources. They were making gains from deals and opportunities that I would never get to hear about on my own.
I realised that I needed to use my privileged position in the financial world to spot the big investment opportunities that had gone unnoticed by the crowd. I needed to get out there and make deals over a handshake… A glass of wine… An exchange of vital information.

So I became an old-fashioned super-networker.
And I loved it!

I was meeting smart, knowledgeable people… Enjoying extravagant restaurants, vintage wine and quiet little bars where we’d discuss our findings long into the night.
And when it got to the stage where fellow investors, contacts and new friends began to ring or mail me to tell me of an opportunity – without me having to ask them or even leave my house – I knew I’d made it.

There were networks full of people like me out there, and they were
working in powerful ways 


This was what I had been waiting for. Real privilege for the first time in my life!
You see, 50 years ago it was our country’s privileged select businessmen, politicians and lawyers who would always get the pick of the business deals and investment opportunities.

But today you can enjoy this same privilege – As long as you move in the right circles

Which is why I think you might be very excited by what I have to offer you…

I’ve been lucky enought to meet and make some very influential friends in the field of politics, investment and finance. As a writer, analyst and stock picker, I spend my life exchanging time-sensitive information with these people… Really exclusive opportunities that the public often only get to hear about when a stock is already up 40%… Or never at all in the case of many alternative investment deals.

If someone hears of a business deal, investment opportunity
or tax loophole, then I hear about it


This is where you come in.

You could be receiving exactly the same information. Shaking hands with exactly the same calibre of money professionals and serious long-term investors who can give you the secrets of the country’s top financial experts.


Well, in a moment I’m going to offer you something – absolutely RISK-FREE – that could dramatically change your life.

The South African Investor Club Membership

The only way you can join The South African Investor is by word of mouth, through an existing member or through a letter like this one

In a moment, I will lay out for you exactly how The South African Investor can help you protect your wealth, your security and your privacy.

And, at the end of the letter, you will get the opportunity to receive our investment information direct, so you can discover for yourself whether our network is for you.

Soon you could be making gains like these: 

   Profit from the risk to income trend



The South African Investor has been calling for a shift in the flows of money from risky growth investments to safe, income investments due to rising inflation and the uncertainty caused by poor government policy decisions and SA's impending junk status.

But finding a quality income investment is a challenge: After all, money markets are only paying you 8% on your money.

But the good news is; you don’t need to settle for the subpar returns of a fixed deposit, bond or money market account. You see, The South African Investor has found an investment that’ll generate more than DOUBLE the money market rate in income for you every year. It’s low risk and it even boasts tax benefits.

Even better, the investment our experts have recommended today is the ideal way to generate even more income when interest rates rise – as they will – in the coming months. All you have to do is make one investment today and you’ll receive twice yearly inflation-beating interest payments of at least 10.5% a year!

And there’s plenty more growth on the horizon for the growth to income trend...

There are plenty more opportunities to make money from the growth to income trend – As long as you know where to look. And as a South African Investor member you’ll be the first to hear of them. Simply accept  this invitation enclosed with this letter and you can begin receiving our bulletins right away on a RISK FREE basis. I guarantee you won’t have to risk a cent until you are satisfied that your new contacts in the club can offer you these kinds of long-term gains.  

Here's one opportunity that's about to take off...


Cyber-security spending will become a trillion-dollar industry globally…
And this ONE company is perfectly positioned to profit over the next three years

Here’s a scary number….

$600 billion a year.

That’s what companies around the world lose to cyber-crime every year.

To see how crazy this is, just consider SA GDP is just $349 billion. This means the money lost by companies to cybercrime, is worth nearly double SA’s GDP!

And it’s because of this reason, research firm Gartner says businesses and governments will spend more than $1 trillion on cybersecurity products up to 2021.

To ride this mega-trend, we’ve identified one company who’s making serious waves in the cyber security space with its patented “security technology”.

And it’s this unique technology that’s attracted more than 4,200 businesses as its clients. In fact, 50% of the top 500 companies in the world use this company’s products to protect their information assets, infrastructure and applications.  Companies like Qualcomm, Hershey’s, Time, Pfizer and Deloitte.

And its expertise in protecting privileged accounts puts it in a strong position to tap into this trillion-dollar industry. In fact, nearly 90% of security professionals believe that a business's IT infrastructure is not fully protected unless its privileged accounts are secured. 

If there’s one the company that’s perfectly positioned to profit from the $1 trillion spending on cybersecurity, it’s this one.


So… Are you interested in taking advantage of the many value opportunities still available today?

Because right now I’m sitting on a proposed portfolio of ultra-safe stocks, compiled by my closest contacts. I’d like to release them to you so that you can either invest in them right away, or follow the investments on paper for the next few months to discover how much money this information could make you, without any risk at all.

I must make one thing clear, however.

This kind of wealth-building network is not for everyone. If you are offended by the idea of using contacts and friends to give you advance information about stocks, pensions, business deals and tax breaks, then read no further.

And if you’re the sort to shout about your financial life from the rooftops, then, I repeat, read no further.

The kind of people I’m inviting to join our network are those who like to build their wealth gradually and privately. We protect our money in investment vehicles that deflect inflation and fraud. We like to keep our finances away from prying eyes and tax-hungry politicians.

We don’t publicise ourselves or our network, we don’t expose ourselves to risk, and we like to keep our private business private.

Are you the right person for The South African Investor?

Well, the fact that you’ve read this far means it’s highly likely you’re on our wavelength and a perfect candidate to add to our carefully expanding network.

Which is why I’d like to send you, as a prospective new member, a series of reports packed full of detailed investment opportunities and strategies.


Use this information any way you like. Follow our portfolio
And don’t decide to join us full-time until you’re 100% satisfied



I’ll remind you again. This strictly high-level network is not for everyone. Which is why we like to give prospective new members the opportunity to try out our time-sensitive stock tips, little-known offshore accounts and our meetings on a risk-free basis. You will receive a full refund of your club dues in your first month of membership if you don’t feel that it’s right for you. We don’t want to force our unique style of making money onto people who don’t see the value.

But if you’re genuinely interested in receiving this information, then read on…

In a moment I’ll explain how The South African Investor can help you save thousands of rands on your pensions, taxes and banking. But first…

You could be talking directly to an expert who can give you the kind of ideas you’d normally have to pay thousands to receive

Just imagine that you are sitting in a room full of bankers, traders, lawyers, company directors, investment experts and famous figureheads in the world of politics and economics.

Imagine that each one brought their recent findings to the table and began to swap information. Imagine you could hear what they have to say, and then get a chance to talk to them one-to-one, about your concerns.

And let’s say that this room was entirely private. That all these people could speak freely and openly about the financial choices that had made them millionaires. And that you could copy their choices of investments, bank accounts, pensions and bonds TO THE LETTER.

This is exactly how The South African Investor works.

We send you our monthly newsletters packed with information, ideas, tips and news…

Our member service department is always at hand and ready to direct you to the right person to help with your enquiries.

Essentially, it’s like you being able to stand in that room every month!

Incredible, isn’t it?

And clearly, this is why we don’t like to shout about The South African Investor, and why we only contact prospective members by letter.  

Our expertise and information could easily save
and make you a small fortune within just a few years



Think of it…

…If you paid the minimum legal tax, had the highest-interest bank account in the world and the best annuity rate in SA, you’d save thousands every year! (And that’s before you’ve even invested your money for even further gains in sure-fire stock market winners.)

But The South African Investor is more than an opportunity to invest for profit away from the crowds, the lies and the mania

We know that long-term gains are only a part of attaining lasting wealth. Preserving and nurturing that wealth is something that most investors overlook.

And, tragically, many people forget about altogether.

At the moment financial failure is looming over a lot of heads and things are going to get much worse, especially for those who wish to retire with any kind of money at all.

The government’s panicking about the massive unemployed population… earnings-related pensions are fast disappearing… But IMF figures have shown that SA’s middle class is one of the most heavily taxed group in the world on a net basis.

Which is why The South African Investor’s primary aim is to build and protect your wealth, whatever the economic climate.  

Beat inflation! And increase the value of your retirement fund



Recent inflation rates in South Africa are up and our forecast to Members is they'll keep going higher.

However, what it does mean is the value of your retirement fund is being eroded too!

For example, 

According to BankservAfrica’s and Africa’s leading commercial property services company, Broll, inflation and VAT have caused general prices in South Africa to soar over the past 10 years.
For example,

  • Electricity prices have increased more than 350% since 2008
  • Petrol now costs 49.7% more, when compared to prices in 2008
  • The cost of basic goods such as milk, meat, sugar, bread and cheese was much cheaper 10 years ago with a basket of goods in 2018 costing 93.4% more

After a detailed tip-off from a contact in the banking world, we passed on to members, details of exactly which bond offered high levels of income yield and the potential to increase in value and keep pace with inflation.

Now, considering that inflation has seen a creeping over the last decade, this is a vital step to protecting your wealth, no matter what the current growth rate is. (Nobody’s paying much attention to the erosion effects on your retirement fund at the moment, but at The South African Investor we keep our eyes on anything that might erode your future income.)


Protect your money against any eventuality



The eighties and nineties showed that in most Western countries, while equities delivered the best returns, property was the most resilient of the cyclical ups and downs. And this is why we have continued to push members into the very best property investments.

Returns on property have netted Members 98% on Resilient Property Fund, in the past year. But our research is that there is still plenty of upside. Our reasoning is, commercial property income will rise with interest rates.

Our strategy is for Members to learn to make their property assets ‘sweat’, or in technical terms to employ ‘asset enhancement techniques'.

Our current recommendations point to serious asset enhancement potential of the offshore property market, as well as in Africa, where areas with drastic shortages of commercial property are being converted from ugly ducklings into swans. And it’s these kind of opportunities you’ll come to see plenty more of as a Member of The South African Investor.


We’ll help you avoid unfair taxation and boost your annual income



I mean, what’s the point in making money when you’ve got to fork out over 40% of what you make to faceless bureaucrats? Or why wait for the help of your financial adviser when surveys indicate that 74% of them don’t even know you’re entitled to tax-breaks?

The South African Investor believes strongly in the ruling of a 1935 case involving the Duke of Westminster versus the Commissioners of The Inland Revenue:

“Every man is entitled, if he can, to order his affairs so that tax under a tax statute is less than it otherwise would be.”

Basically, it’s your right to pay as little tax as you legally have to. In an honest, fair society, why should it be any other way?

So we make it our business to keep you informed of all the ways and means you can pay less tax. Which is why we’ve retained tax professionals for our Members’ exclusive use. These are the guys who know all the angles, and you’ll have access to their expertise when you become a member.

Not only that, when you send off your RSVP form, we’ll send you an in-depth briefing called Your Complete Guide to Investing Offshore. It contains all the information you need to get your wealth offshore, from how to start off, how much to take offshore and the little known secrets of safe investments.    

   You could have specialists in all areas of finance researching, calculating… And then reporting straight back to YOU!

The South African Investor allows you to connect on a friendly basis with people you’d normally pay through the teeth to meet. Everyone brings their expertise to the table.

Accountants you can talk to about your tax entitlements… Bankers to ensure you have secure, private accounts… Analysts to pick you a full portfolio of stocks… Experienced financial experts who will warn you of approaching market trends… And fellow investors with whom to share experiences and form lasting business partnerships.

From international finance trends to equities to precious metals, bonds and currency trading… Soon you’ll be able to use our entire range of expertise to invest strategically.

Your money will be in a whole range of secure, long-term prospects, so even now, when the market is struggling, you’ll still prosper

South African Investor members thrive on low-risk strategies because, while your average investor follows the boom and bust patterns of the latest hyped-up stocks, we cover the areas the crowds ignore and pick up solid regular gains.

In March 2016 our team of South Africa Investor experts published a research article on the banking sector.

The essay was titled Recession proof” your portfolio with Nedbank and held the view that Members should get into this strong bank, without delay.

And boy how right we were right about Nedbank being a great buy!

This advice would have turned your investments of R10,000 into R14,100R20,000 into R27,825… in less than 12 months!

Since we published this report to our Members when Nedbank's share price was at just R190.00, it surged to R265 in early March 2017.

It’s expert research like this that sets The South African Investor apart from the mainstream market.

You see? The majority of investors are only there to bolster a rising market or to soak up the losses of a falling market.

I can’t stress it enough: Those who are ‘connected’ are those who get to the profits first, and then get out before it gets too risky.

This is the power of being connected to a network.

You can join the company of successful investors and access the most valuable investment information in South Africa today



All you have to do is fill in the RISK-FREE GUEST MEMBER order form below. But you need to take action now, in order to secure one of the 275 memberships available this year. As soon as we receive it, you will be considered for membership of The South African Investor.

So what will happen next?

Well, at the moment I have, right in front of me, an exclusive folio packed full of up-to-date reports from The South African Investor library. It details a whole host of investments, strategies and networking opportunities you can begin to use for your own profit.

This powerful collection of material has been collated by some of the most respected members of our panel of experts for the FREE USE of new members!

I am willing to send you this entire folio of information absolutely FREE. You can keep it and use it as you will, whether you decide to join The South African Investor or not. You have absolutely no obligations whatsoever.

Remember, the club is about trust and privilege. We do not believe in asking anything from new members until we have proved the power of our network.

So accept our invitation today and you’ll receive:

A members-only investment communiqué. Sent out monthly online, this 12-page bulletin is packed with the latest market updates, stock tips, investment and wealth protection ideas. Eloquently written and finely detailed, this communiqué gives you the latest news from around the network, tells you the best stocks to buy on the market, and gives clear ‘hold’ or ‘sell’ signals.

An up-to-date and fully researched share portfolio to give you a first step towards long-term gains in the coming year. Our experts have been hard at work preparing this for you. Out of around 400 possibilities researched, these are a handful of the top long-term value shares you can invest in today. They will ensure that your investment can comfortably outperform in bull and bear markets alike.

The South African Investor Wealth Pyramid Report An exclusive investment blueprint that can help you break the shackles of mediocrity and attain explosive wealth. In fact, this investment blueprint can help you turn R100,000 into over R700,000 in just 10 years.

Your Member’s Handbook. In this little booklet, you’ll be introduced to all the South Africa Investor experts and club houses across the globe. You’ll also get to understand the basic tenants of our investment philosophy and portfolio structure.

MoneyMorning. The markets are in constant flux. There are often fast-breaking events that create sudden opportunities. MoneyMorning brings you a global round up of the financial markets – including extracts from international financial publications and quotes from leading commentators and analysts – this stimulating correspondence then moves on to bring you interesting anecdotes an original analysis of the investing climate you won’t find anywhere else. If you enjoy intelligent conversation, contrarian thinking and like to keep a constant eye on the investment world, then you’ll enjoy receiving MoneyMorning in your inbox.

MoneyMorning is delivered by email only. So be extra sure you fill that line on your membership acceptance form.

Plus, you will receive a special report that will reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know about “going offshore” but were afraid to ask.

Your Complete Guide to Going Offshore – Protect yourself against fraud, theft and investment scams. This report answers all your questions about how to gain offshore exposure and how to profit handsomely from your investments regardless of your age, experience or goals as an investor.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How much will it cost me to become a member of
The South African Investor?


Well, as you can understand, the time and effort put in by our experts across SA, the UK, Europe and the States does require input capital from the members of the Club. We strive to uncover shares that make 20% - 80% at least over the course of a year – and beyond. This amounts to potentially thousands of rand's profit for you every year. Not to mention the unlimited amount of money we can save you on tax, pensions and other financial products.

And to hire yourself a private broker or accountant – whose personal advice, services and timely, detailed reports you’ll be able to access as part of your membership – would cost you well over R10,000 a year. (We have even negotiated reduced brokerage rates for our members through our preferred stock brokers.

We’re talking upwards of R12,000 a year – and that’s before you’ve received the bulletins packed with high-level investment, tax and banking tips

Of course, adding it up this way is not representative of the true value of being connected.

You’ll only be able to discover how much you could make for yourself when you take up your RISK-FREE GUEST membership.

And, in turn, your joining The South African Investor as a serious investor also helps us increase the influence and power of the network.

So we’re not going to ask you for anything near the true value of the Club…

Instead, as someone we’ve singled out for Club membership, you can join our members for just R1,200 per year (or R100 per month) – that’s a 20% discount on yearly dues of R1,500.  

Plus the folio of special reports I will send you is absolutely FREE, no matter whether you decide to stay in The South African Investor network or not



I am aware these dues seem absurdly low. However what we seek are just a few loyal members who recognise and appreciate our goals and philosophy.

You pledge not to engage in any dishonourable or unethical practice which would reflect unfavourably on the Club.

You agree to keep any information or ideas you receive from The South African Investor absolutely confidential.

That’s all. If you feel that you qualify, we will honour these low membership fees for you. And immediately send you the free reports.

Treat this as our first extension of a trusting handshake to you. Remember, The South African Investor is about helping you and we’d like to prove to you that it works. You will not have to risk a cent, because we’re offering a RISK-FREE ONE-MONTH GUEST MEMBERSHIP.

Try us out for one month. Test out the long-term stock recommendations I’ll be sending you FREE. If, by the end of that time, you aren’t 100% sure that The South African Investor can keep you informed and ultra-connected, then cancel your membership and you will receive a 100% refund. No obligation. No questions.  

That’s one month to prove ourselves to you or you won’t pay a cent



And why have I offered you this promise?

Firstly, because I wouldn’t expect you to make any decision until you’ve had a chance to actually experience the difference being a member of The South African Investor will make to your life.

And secondly, because I know from personal experience that The South African Investor works. It’s become an invaluable part of my life, business and otherwise. And I know it will become the same for you.

Claim your right to grow rich as part of a powerful network

So, are you prepared to take that final important step and use a higher level of financial intelligence to grow rich and save?

I hope so. Because society is rapidly eroding your powers to take control of your financial life. You can no longer ‘get by’ and expect a comfortable future for you and your family. It’s a chilling fact that 1 in 3 pensioners will be on income support by 2050 if the current rate of pension scheme take-up and contribution levels continues.

The choice, as I see it, is simple. Take the hard road with the rest of the crowd, or take the hand of opportunity when it is offered to you.

It is up to you and I to ensure that we don’t head for a future of dependency… But a life of luxury. We all deserve it.

I would be honoured if you would join us,

Best wishes

Joshua Benton,
Editorial Director, The South African Investor

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